• Elec Man

    Elec Man
    Elec Man
    Mega Man 1

    Thunder Beam

    • Electric Generator operating robot. Many have been zapped with his Thunder beam.

    • "Take this! Thunder beeeeeam!"

  • Air Man

    Air Man
    Air Man
    Mega Man 2

    Air Shooter

    • Robot that creates hurricane-strength wind through his huge propeller.

    • "I'll blow you away!"

  • Spark Man

    Spark Man
    Spark Man
    Mega Man 3

    Spark Shock

    • Recharging Robot. Can produce twice the electricity of Elec Man.

    • "Ah! No no, line up first, you guys!"

  • Dust Man

    Dust Man
    Dust Man
    Mega Man 4

    Dust Crusher

    • A robot that sucks in garbage. He hates getting his nozzle clogged.

    • "Don't make me vacuum any weird stuff."

  • Mega Man

    Mega Man
    Mega Man
    Mega Man & Bass

    CD Database

  • Stone Man

    Stone Man
    Stone Man
    Mega Man 5

    Power Stone

    • Wields the Power Stone which spins boulders and strikes enemies.

    • "Yo guts, let's get another round of drinks!"

  • Yamato Man

    Yamato Man
    Yamato Man
    Mega Man 6

    Yamato Spear

    • Modeled after a Japanese Bushi. Sharpens his spear daily. Respects Knight Man.

    • "I shall defeat this enemy!"

  • Slash Man

    Slash Man
    Slash Man
    Mega Man 7

    Slash Claw

    • Leads the dinosaur army. His speed was set too high for his allies.

    • "I'll skewer you with my claw!"

  • Astro Man

    Astro Man
    Astro Man
    Mega Man 8

    Astro Crush

    • By controlling space can create artificial universes. World champion at hide-and-seek.

    • "You found me!?"